Stillwater Lake

Legends aren’t always built on myths. Sometimes they’re created to hide dark secrets.

Stillwater is a sleepy, quiet place perfect for overcoming a case of writer’s block. At least, that’s what Jessica Brown hopes. The bestselling novelist’s life has recently been turned upside down. If she’s honest, she got out of New York City to heal her heart as much as to find her writing muse.

Tony Bradford is also looking for respite in the remote mountains of Vermont, though he came to Stillwater seeking adventure. Attending the town’s annual Gargun Festival, a summer celebration of the legendary creature who lives in Stillwater Lake has been on his bucket list for years.

But while many people have a lighthearted view of the folklore in the area, some know the creature—and town’s—true history. When people in the area start dying, Jessica and Tony, together with a documentary filmmaker and a group of teens, try to protect the rest of the town.