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See No Evil: Tayt Waters Book 1

June 17, 2021

"If I'm not here to help the next person, who will be?"

Tayt Waters is a vigilante. A business owner. And a woman on a mission. Helping people who've been failed by the legal system get their just way or another. 

And then Tayt's estranged father shows up: the key suspect in a murder case involving a young, local woman.

As she races to find answers that prove her father's innocence, Tayt realizes that murder isn't the only criminal act he's accused of. And the further she digs the more danger she finds herself in.

Just how far is too far when your life is at stake? Tayt is about to find out.

"If you are a Stephanie Plum fan, you will love this book! The characters are imperfectly real, but unlike the Plum novels, didn't contain foul language or sexual scenes." ~ Reader review

"J.P. Choquette explores the darker side of human nature while renewing your faith in humanity."

~ Beth K., reader & book reviewer

NOTE: This title was previously published under the name SUBVERSION in 2014.