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Let the Dead Rest

August 3, 2018

After losing both her parents and her long-time boyfriend, doll sculptor Isabel Joven is emotionally raw. When a mysterious gift—a vintage doll—arrives on her doorstep she is intrigued.

But Isabel can’t imagine the dark shadow this doll will cast on her life...

In 1944, Etta Hayes is over-the-moon excited to welcome home her WWII fiancé. But the doll he brings home leaves Etta feeling edgy and frightened.

When sinister things begin to happen, Etta starts to question the doll’s history. Will she unravel the doll’s dark secrets too late?

Set in two parallel timelines, Let the Dead Rest is a gripping, twisty-turning supernatural suspense novel.

"This was an excellent read. Great story, love the timelines. I had a hard time putting it down." ~Reader review